Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Long Songs on Long Players (LP's)

Looking for your suggestions for great long songs. There are genres that feature many of course: classical, jazz, world and electronica come to mind. But for today I am thinking of the great long cuts that can take up half a side or an entire side of wax. Just about everyone in campus radio has a need for a long song from time to time and often the audience will love them as well. The freedom to play a 10minute + cut is one of the things that makes campus/community radio wonderful. Here are a few I have gone to from time to time.

The Sons of Champlin - Loosen Up Naturally - Freedom

all of side 4 on this classic double Lp. One of the many great bands in the late 60's and early 70's. Horn sections, organ and guitar. Great stuff

Barclay James Harvest - Barclay James Harvest - Dark Now My Sky

Takes a little time to get going but at more than 12minutes it has time and it ends up being a great closer to a superb debut LP by this Prog band from Oldham.

Strawbs - Just A Collection of Antiques and Curios - Where is this Dream of Your Youth

Staying on the other side of the pond for a moment this LP was recorded live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. The percussion is outstanding the band must have had a great time playing this.

Charlie Daniels Band - Fire on the Mountain - No Place To Go

Bluesy country rock in the Allman Brothers style with cowboy hats.

Boz Scaggs - Boz Scaggs - Loan Me A Dime

Made some pretty horrible stuff later on but this is sensational. In large part due to the great playing by Duane Allman. An all time classic!

What long songs do you enjoy?

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