Friday, December 16, 2011

Chris White's Favourite Songs of 2011

Chris White is the Volunteer Coordinator here at CKCU. He was one of the founders of the Ottawa Folk Festival and was their artistic director for several years. He also co-hosts Canadian Spaces with Chopper McKinnon every Saturday morning from 10 - 12 AM. Here are his favourite songs from 2011.

Bruce Cockburn - "Call Me Rose" from Small Source of Comfort

Murray McLauchlan - "Picking Up Mary Lou" from Human Writes

Missy Burgess - "If I Fell in Love Again" from Play Me Sweet

Andrea Simms-Karp - "Decoy Decoy" from Hibernation Nation

Ian Tamblyn - "Chasing the Sun" from Walking the Bones

Clear - "Gospel Rhyme" from Never Falling Again

Dave Clarke - "Just Waiting For a Train" from Reunion

James Hill - "You Should See Me Now" from Man With A Love Song

Dala - "Horses" from Everyone Is Someone

Lindsay Ferguson - "Volcano" from Monkeys Under Stars

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  1. Hey Chris did you catch Bruce at the NAC? Good show, as always! I stayed after for him to sign my CD.