Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Favourite Artist of 2011 - Lenny Wu

Lenny Wu is the host of WildWorks every Wednesday morning from 11 - 12. WildWorks brings you the latest Canadian indie music and features interviews with Canadian artists, bands coming to Ottawa and bands from the local scene. Here are his thoughts on his new favourite artist of 2011.

Since I usually listen to RTHK Radio 3 from Hong Kong on the weekends. I tend to keep my cultural heritage, even though I've lived in Canada for all my life. RTHK Radio 3 is the English language station to Hong Kong's public broadcaster.

From a show archive on Radio 3 at the beginning of 2011, I discovered an indie folk musician who's born in Hong Kong but lives in England. Her name is Emmy The Great. What caught my attention to her music is that it is very poetic and relaxing to listen to. Her voice captures the lush, soft tone to each of her songs.

I try to bring in something that's unique and different compared to the usual fare of Canadian and non-Canadian indie music that shows on CKCU bring. The funny thing from her Wikipedia bio is that her genre is anti-folk. I have no idea what that means.

With her second album, the unique thing prior to her release was that she partnered with Pledgemusic and getting her fan-base to donate and contribute to the record.

With that discovery of her music, I was able to convince Ryan Bresee of Whatever's Cool With Me to play some of her tracks on occasion. I could be wrong on this but even the new CKCU Volunteer Coordinator, Chris White, has liked what I played from her.

For fans of folk music, it's recommended that you give her album a try.
Unfortunately, the radio host who introduced me to Emmy the Great's music left Hong Kong in April.

Virtue is her second album and was released on June 13, 2011. The record label is Close Harbour Records. It's available on the iTunes Store. Her website is www.emmythegreat.com.

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