Monday, February 13, 2012

10 Albums To Start A Steve Earle Collection With

Darcy Lynch is the host of Guitar Town, a show that airs every second Monday morning at 10 AM. Here's his list of 10 albums to start a Steve Earle collection with.

1. El Corazon (1997)

First ("Christmas In Washington") & last ("Ft. Worth Blues") songs are the strongest on the album. The latter is a tribute to Steve’s friend and mentor Townes Van Zandt, who died shortly before the release of this album. Lots of other great tunes in between like "Tanneytown", "Telephone Road" and "NYC".

2. Guitar Town (1986)

This album is so good I named a radio show after it. Steve’s debut into the country/rock world. Includes classics like the title track, as well as "Good Ol’Boy", "Hillbilly Highway" and "Someday".

3. I Feel Alright (1996)

First three songs blend together like one awesome 8 minute track. Also make sure you check out "Now She’s Gone" and "The Unrepentant".

4. The Hard Way (1990)

Steve’s last album before he hit rock bottom with drug addiction but he still managed to put together a very strong record. "The Other Kind" is one of his best and if you’ve never heard "Justice in Ontario" or "Have Mercy", take a listen now.

5. Train A Comin' (1995)

Steve’s first sober album; this really showcases his genius as a storytelling songwriter. "Tom Ames Prayer" and "Ben McCulloh" are the strongest songs on the album.

6. I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive (2011)

His latest album goes back to his folk/country roots and focuses heavily on mortality and reflection. The lead track, "Waitin' on the Sky to Fall", is superb and "God Is God" is the most personal song on the album.

7. Copperhead Road (1988)

Of course the album he is most known for, it includes the overplayed title track and the underplayed "Johnny Come Lately" and "Back to the Wall".

8. Exit O (1987)

Includes three of Earle’s best – "Nowhere Road", "The Rain Came Down" and, my personal favorite, "Angry Young Man".

9. Jerusalem (2002)

Not one of Earle’s better albums but the title track is one of his best songs and makes up for some of the weaker tunes.

10. Transcendental Blues (2000)

Title track has a Beatles feel to it and "Over Yonder" is the most personal of his anti-death penalty songs.

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