Thursday, February 16, 2012

Philys' Song choices Of 2011!!

Hey guys! Now I know what your thinking... what are Philys' top 10 song choices of 2011?!?.... well here I give you that very important question with an answer. I give you my Top Ten Songs from 2011. (In no order!)

Starting with "Countdown" by beyonce.
Beyonce always has the moves and the amazing vocals so thats why shes on this list.

Next we got here Maroon 5 feat Christina Aguilera "Moves Like Jagger"
Great song to dance to and sing along too, nothing but fun. And plus trying to imitate Mike Jagger is always fun to try.

Now we got Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe. Such a fun song to sing too. And best part of all is that Carly is Canadian and even tried-out for Canadian idol!(Remember that show?)

Next singer tops my list with 2 songs! shes one "only girl" who has 2 on the list and we all know "what her name" (got the hints?..) its Rhianna with "we found love feat. Calvin Harris, and Cheers (drink to that)

happy to see this star putting out her new c.d. in a while heres Kreesha Turner with "I could stay" Plus the video is stunning and beautiful.

Heres LMFAO One of the best fun entertainers. These guys are all about partying, having fun, and not taking life to seriously. (which all thoes frowners need to live by) This is "sexy and I know it"<--- Confidence booster!!

This next singer is a REAL singer, meaning he can sing live better than the actual track. not many "singers" can say that (hint hint Justin Bieber)... Plus im pretty sure hes the definition of: "Romantic" Heres Bruno Mars with "Greneade and "It will rain"

Now I had to put this catchy song on the chart, I mean even tough, Big guys were singing this track. Its the cute, adorable and funny Selena Gomez with "love you like a love song"

Now I know I said top ten but I Had to put Drake the former "Degrassi" star turn Rapper, I feel that his music is like a lyrical Diary. He doesn't need to degrade women or swear every 2 seconds to prove or show his point. Heres Drake with "Headlines."

Now this is the end of the countdown by me Philys O.g (co-op gal) Hope you checked out all the videos, comments and enjoyed the music. Peace!

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