Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Great Debut Discs - Singer/Songwriter 70's - 80's

We continue to explore the then new kids on the block with their opening discs. Some went on to bigger and better and others had hit the high point right away.

Billy Bragg - Brewing Up With Billy Bragg - 1984

the angry Brit burst onto the scene with "It Says Here", "Love Gets Dangerous","This Guitar Says Sorry". one man and an electric guitar!

Steve Earle - Guitar Town - 1986

He burst on to a scene with this stellar collection of songs. "Guitar Town", "My Old Friend the Blues", "Someday"

Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman - 1988

such a great disc. what a voice and what words. if only there were a few more great moments to come. not that what she has done since is terrible. it just isn't at this level

Iris Dement - Infamous Angel - 1992

very distinctive voice that moves me to tears every time I sit down to listen. what a storyteller.

Todd Snider - Songs For the Daily Planet - 1994

Tall gangly guy with the great stories and good jokes. No wonder he is on the John Prine label

Gillian Welch - Revival - 1996

right out of a Steinbeck novel. amazing disc. still making great music today

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