Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Best of 2010 Part 2

So far I decided not to rank these releases but that will probably change. Instead for the next little bit I want to highlight some of the best music of 2010 and then we will release what got the most airplay on CKCU in 2010.

For today I want to spotlight another singer/songwriter, this time an American, Joanna Newsom. "Have One on Me" is the follow up to the spectacular "Ys", 2006. Her latest is one sweeping epic, part "Dr Zhivago" and part "Canticle for Leibowitz". Within the majesty are stark, quiet, personal moments of great intensity. She patches together a quilt of word play that is unique, varied and at times almost impenetrable. Her harp and voice tie it all together. In an often dull world she is the Dorothy after the tornado.

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