Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Best of 2010

In reality I doubt one can ever fully figure out the best releases for any year, at least not till some significant time has passed. But anyways over the next few segments here I want to highlight some good music that you may want to listen to. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions about music that hit you in a way that you are still thinking about.

I am going to begin with an artist who has been making a name for herself in a short time and who is being compared to some iconic singer/songwriters. I am talking about, Laura Marling. Her latest disc is called "I Speak Because I Can". This UK singer came to attention at the age of 16 through a series of brilliant songs she posted on Myspace and at the age of 18 she put out the ridiculously good, "Alas I Cannot Swim".

She writes and sings with a wisdom that belies her years. Her slightly husky voice is intoxicating and her writing is direct and passionate. There is little in the way of woes me, navel gazing. And she isn't tip toeing through the tulips. Not every song knocks you over but more than enough do to make this a must listen if you like singer-songwriters.

In "Rambling Man," she writes:

its funny how the first chords that you come to
are the minor notes that come to serenade you
it's hard to accept yourself as someone
you don't desire
as someone you don't want to be

I think she just summed up our times as well as David Byrne did with "Once In A Lifetime".

I have enjoyed the music of Regina Spektor and Feist and I adore Bonnie "Prince" Billy who Marling lists as a vital influence but I think in a short time she is now head and shoulders above them. This is the work of a mature, thoughtful, passionate person who says the things we wish we could put into words. She may very well be the artist of the 2010's!

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