Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Best Year Ever for Ottawa Music? # 3

Here is a band that seems to have burst onto the scene but in reality is a group of friends who have been playing in various bands for years. And there is a certain bias here towards how good this group is. The bias is because it features CKCU volunteers and friends of CKCU. But I think despite the rose coloured glassed, this is one fantastic group and recording. The group in question is "The Band Whose Name is A Symbol" and the LP is "Biker Smell". It features a large cast which includes: John Westhaver, host of "Friday Morning Cartunes" on CKCU, that is one of the best radio shows on the planet and Bill Guerrero whose CKCU program, "Crimes Against Music" is pretty great also. The music is a wall of psych rock and stoner rock that hits you like the storm from Sinclair Ross' "Painted Door". It is a mind blowing, earthquake smashing bonanza. This record is a must have for the collection!

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