Thursday, December 9, 2010

Best Year Ever for Ottawa Music # 4

The Mighty Popo is a Rwandan refugee who has made frigid Ottawa home and has helped countless people in Africa and Canada throughout the years. In the "City That Fun Forgot" he is one of the few who gets the passive crowd, dancing and singing. He has it all! The stage presence, the material and the musical chops. If anyone should be a music star it should be the "Mighty Popo".

His latest release "Gakondo" is another ridiculously good CD. "Gakondo" means origins or tradition. His live shows and previous releases were rooted in traditional music but were informed and infused with elements of Reggae, Soul, Blues and R&B. "Gakondo" features: Intwatwa songs of the Batwa people. Popo has steeped himself in the poetry of the “Ibwami” and has created a tribute to ancient songs and poems that tell the story of an entire civilization. The lyrics are written solely in Kinyarwanda, Rwanda’s only indigenous language.

The solo numbers were recorded live in the studio with one microphone picking up both the vocal and the guitar. The rest of the album was recorded live in the studio with minimal overdubs on percussion; the bells were recorded straight from the footsteps of the dancer. The result is a stunning world class recording that provides musical gifts every time you play it.

Dance into your favorite local record store and pick this up as soon as you can.

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