Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hidden Music Gems #5

Last one of these for a while but it is probably the best of the bunch. Later on these guys become way too slick but there was a time when they were as good as it gets and that time was 1971. If this record only had "Ohio/Machine Gun" on it, you could not go wrong buying it. Thankfully it also includes 6 other covers. It is a record of its time and it is timeless. The Vietnam war, civil rights movement, environmental issues, were all on fire at the time and throwing gas on the blaze is this superb LP. That opening cut that combines Neil Young's observations on the Kent State shooting with the Jimi Hendrix is spell binding. What really makes this work is that music is terrific. The way they make music by Stephen Stills and James Taylor their own is breath taking. If you know nothing of the turmoil of 71 you will still love this disc it's that good.

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