Monday, June 27, 2011

Best Album Cover Art Part 2

Let's continue with some of the great album cover's theme. On the CKCU Facebook site "Moonbase Alpha" has added the wonderful: The Bats: The Lawn of Things

I really like the cover for: Colour Haze - All - on Electrohash Records. This LP was given to me by Derek Bradshaw, host of Crossing Boredom on CKCU. The music by the way is just as good as the cover

When I was a kid we had a portable record player and a few discs. The one I remember best was Woody Guthrie - Songs To Grow On For Mother and Child. Truly great music full of wonder and promise and it turns out the art work suits it. There is more than one cover for this LP but this is the one we had and reminds me of the TV show "Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings".

Finally this cover reminds me of a Tintin adventure. It is Klaatu - Raarities

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