Friday, June 24, 2011

Best Album Cover Art

No matter what your thoughts are about the value of downloads, cd's, etc it is hard to argue that vinyl rules with Cover Art. But if you want to make that argument. Go ahead! I am all "eyes". From replicas of classic paintings to wild freak out moments to who knows what there is something tactile, engaging and wonderous to sitting in front of great album cover art, ideally while the LP in question is spinning in the background. What does the album say about the band? About you? Is there a secret message? Do you need to make sure your parents don't see it? From the crude and rude to the mundane to wild fantasy you can trip the light fantastic with just the beauty of the art. There have been many great album covers over the years. What are your faves? Here are a few to revel in or revile.

One of the all time greats has to be Roger Dean. His work with Yes is definitive.

I have always been fond of his work with the bombastic rock band Budgie

And of course his work with Gentle Giant was inspiring and educational

Artist Frank Frazetta was pretty wonderful also.

Which album covers do it for you?

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  1. this has long been one of my favourite album covers. not only is it just very aesthetically pleasing to me, it really captures the abrasive energy of the album. i've had a copy of the lp jacket hanging on my wall for years.