Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Great Live Recordings Part Two

Ahh the sound of live music captured and put in the bottle. To be opened by your turntable, CD player or computer. The sounds of 1946 or 2011 just waiting to be unleased. We have had some great ones listed on the new CKCU forum including

Hawkwind - Space Ritual

recorded live in December 1972. It is a wild space rock opera. Excellent from beginning to end

and here are some more to check out!!!

Spirit - Live Spirit

not the original version of the band. maybe not all live? who knows why this is as good as it is but it is great!

Ginger Baker - Ginger Baker's Air Force

recorded live at Royal Albert Hall in 1970. Jazz rock with Afro percussion. Denny Laine is on fire here. This was their 2nd show ever.

Delaney and Bonnie - On Tour

recorded at Croydon in 1969. Features some of the finest live performances by Eric Clapton and George Harrison. Much of the band goes on to form Derek and the Dominoes as well as back Harrison for All things Must Pass and Concert for Bangladesh

George Harrison - The Concert for Bangladesh

the first rock superstar live fundraiser concert and probably the best. features Indian classical with Ravi Shankar, and amazing live performances by Leon Russell, Billy Preston and Bob Dylan

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