Monday, December 12, 2011

Top Albums Of 2011

As chosen by me, Alanna the co-op kid! These aren't in any particular order.

Rat Tales - Rat Tales (Self-released)

Trashy garage punk record made in their mom's basement. These boys are from Bells Corners and they sure know how to rock! All the songs are great but my favourites are "Skeleton Boy", "Lean On Liquor" and "Spooky Voodoo". BONUS: You can download the album for free off of their Bandcamp page,

Arctic Monkeys - Suck It And See (Domino)

What a great record! Kind of mellow, kind of rock, but 100% AWESOME! The words in the title track make my heart break in two. I want to marry Alex Turner.

Crusades - The Sun Is Down And The Night Is Riding In (It's Alive)

Members of Sedatives, The Creeps, Steve Adamyk Band and Zebrassieres get together and make some dark pop-punk about Catholicism. The cover is great, the songs are catchy as hell, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE?! Stream it here:

Hunx And His Punx - Too Young To Be In Love (Hardly Art)

Technically Hunx And His Punkettes now, this album is a winner. 60s girl group vibes mixed with a healthy dose of leather jacket attitude. Swoon, swoon, swoon! The best songs are "The Curse Of Being Young". "Tonite, Tonite" and "If You're Not Here".

Various Artists - Bloodstains Across Ontario (Mammoth Cave)

Young Governer! Peach Kelli Pop! Dagger Eyes! Some people say that compilations can't be great. This 7" proves them wrong. 13 songs about this beautiful province. Solid stuff! Stream it here:

The Drums - Portamento (Moshi Moshi)

More emotional than their first record, this is some great stuff from a band that almost self-destructed last year. Portamento sounds like Echo & The Bunnymen had a kid with The Smiths, and then somehow time-travelled to the 21st century. And that cover! SPOOKS!

Family Matters - Family Album (Self-released)

Who is this band and where did they come from?! How on Earth did they make such an awesome lo-fi punk record? This is a KILLER album! All of the tracks flow into each other so nicely it makes me weep out of happiness. And there's a Beach Boys cover! My favourite songs are "Green Anarchy", "Other People's Lives" and "Boyfren". Download it for free on their Bandcamp page:

Steve Adamyk Band - Forever Won't Wait (Dirtnap)

Hometown heroes return! Poppy garage-punk sounds that will make you mosh like a maniac alone in your bedroom. And there's a Dickies' cover to boot! Perfect for anyone who enjoys fun. Stream it here:

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  1. Although the list is pretty darn good, I have to argue that maybe you over-looked an album because of it's late release last year (2010). I kinda searched your back issues to see if it was included in "the best of 2010" and just couldn't find it. Anyways I'm sure it's an oversight that The White Wires WWII was missed. I mean that CD could be the best powerpop/punk album out of the Capital in many year, like Ian sings "Did you forget my name"