Monday, February 6, 2012

Favourite Albums Of The Past Year - Cold Heat

Cold Heat is a show that plays raw funk and deep soul tunes of the late 60's and early 70's. It is hosted by Marjan Stojanovic and can be heard every Monday from 5 - 6 PM. Here is a list of albums Marjan enjoyed in the past year.

Savage! (Money records 1973)
Musical score by Don Julian

Why Savage? The answer is simple! Because it’s different than any other blaxploitation soundtrack. Don Julian achieved this fantastic groove without the overloaded horn arrangements but with longer and perfectly structured songs.

Peter Herbolzheimer: Soul Puppets – Unreleased Jazz Funk library 1970-75
(Sonorama Records 2011)

This album has everything that you need for your daily dose of the soul groove music. Every song is a unique experience but, all together they make the album

3. GLOBAL GROOVE (but out of this world)
Safet Isovic and Plavi Orkestar: Mujo Kuje Knonja Po Mesecu
(B side single PGP Beograd - Yugoslavia 1969)

The song was recorded by accident to mark man’s landing on the moon?!
A traditional folk singer recorded his already hit song with studio musicians and introduced this new sound to the world, the Funky Sevdah!

The Voices of East Harlem: Right on be free
(Elektra Records 1970)

This is the most powerful, positive and uplifting record that you can get!
This group of 20 kids aging from 12 to 21 will take you on a journey, but after listening to the entire album you will feel as though you are part of them.

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