Friday, February 3, 2012

Ottawa Bands To Watch In 2012

Alanna Yaraskavitch is a former co-op student. She has also been a part of both the Wednesday and Thursday versions of Special Blend. The Special Blend is a public affairs/music show put on by a variety of hosts every morning from 7 - 9:30 AM.

Ottawa already has a ton of awesome bands but here are some that I think are going to do cool things in the upcoming year.

Pregnancy Scares
Members of Mother's Children/Steve Adamyk Band

Now that local heroes Germ Attak have broken up there is a void in the hardcore scene. Hopefully Pregnancy Scares will be able to fill those shoes! Their demo got a great review in MAXIMUMROCKNROLL ("pit inducing mids... led by snotty and sophisticated vocals... layer the whole recording with a blanket made of magic") and hopefully they'll put out a proper 7" sometime this year. You can download their demo for free on their Tumblr page (link at the top).

Members of White Wires/Mouth

Ottawa's newest band is not disapointing at all. Boyhood plays slow, mellow, garagey indie rock perfect for just lying on the floor with your head beside the speakers. A cool change from the three-chord powerpop goofiness that seems to be the rage among many Ottawa groups. Not to say that there's anything wrong with three-chord powerpop goofiness! I love that stuff, but it's nice to see someone doing something else.

The Johnnies
Members of The Allrights/Shaker & The Romps (I think...)

The Johnnies have been around for a little while but their first 7" is going to come out early this year on Ottawa's own Pretty Bad Records. Catchy pop punk from Centretown made by four ladies who have all adopted 'Johnny' as their first name. Hopefully an album will follow shortly!

Of course, the highly anticipated third album from The White Wires is also going to come out sometime this year. It's going to be great to hear new stuff from the catchiest band in Ottawa. Until then, we'll just have to watch this video of old guys singing "Let's Go To The Beach".

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