Thursday, February 2, 2012

Philys' Top Ten Artist/ Bands To Watch For

So many Blogs so little time.. Hey Guys its Philys' O.g. bringing to you my top ten artist and bands to look out for with their music. Now all hit singers/ performers were "the artist to watch for" at some point. And so here are some who i think can make it big with their music.

First we got Victoria Duffield a former "Next Star" contestant. She didnt win the competition but sure came close. Her song "shut up and dance" is a dance,hard kinda song,her dance moves aren't bad But the video kinda is.

Next we have another "Next Star" contestant Alyssa Reid 2 tracks sound quite similar, with small changes to make it a "new" song but there both still catchy. Heres Alyssa Reid with "Alone Again" and "The Game."

Next we got a band. This band first song that came out to the public was "tonight tonight" (which I know all the words too)(bragging points).. And i now really like their other hit "Like It Like That". Heres Hot Chelle Rae!

Another band we gatta watch for (well at least i have) is The summer set, Their music is uplifting and just very happy puts you in a great mood and smileing for hours! (more like minutes.. considering the song is like 3mintues)... Heres the Summer set with their song "Someone Like You"

Next we got an artist who i think her voice is soft, and calm, and just great. Found out who she was while watching "MTV Live" and loved her songs. Heres Katy B with "Katy On A Mission"

I had to Put Cody Simpson he performed on MuchMusic and i thought he didnt suck... To be honest I was thinking he would. But i was presently surprise. Here he is with hes song " All Day" (Really like the dancing by the backup dancer.....not Cody.) -_-

Next we got an artist who NEVER sings but puts out great music. This Artist/ D.J (mostly D.J) Has been performing with big names like Usher, Rhianna, Nicki Minaj and much much more! heres David Guetta With Rhianna "Who's That Chick"

Got another D.J this D. J is definatly someone to watch for. His Beats are amazing and actully Flo Rida used the chorus and beat of hes song to create his new song "Good Feeling" heres Avicii with "Levels".

Now we got P. Reign. A rapper that has appeared with many known stars like Headley, Alyssa Reid, and more. Heres P.Reign with Headley in their song "Invincible"

Last I've added A band who's music i'd normally not like but I heared this band on "MTV Live " numerous times and fell in love with the lead singers voice.Heres Mumford and Son with their hit "The Cave"

So there you have it folks my list of top artist/bands to watch out for,for more of their hits,Check all the artist/bands listed here on youtube. Enjoy :)!

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