Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ron Sweetman's Essential Jazz Artists

Here, in alphabetical order, are ten jazz artists who, in my opinion,
should be in every jazz lover's record collection:

Louis Armstrong - particularly the Hot Five and Hot Seven recordings
from the 'twenties]

Ornette Coleman - anytime from the 'sixties to now, particularly with
his original quartet

Miles Davis -his style changed often but he was always interesting and unique

Duke Ellington - from the 'forties, 'fifties or 'sixties

Coleman Hawkins -from the 'fifties onwards

Charles Mingus - in the 'fifties and 'sixties

Jelly-Roll Morton - in the 'twenties

King Oliver - in 1923 with his Creole Jazz Band

Charlie Parker -from the 'forties onwards

Cecil Taylor -from the 'eighties onwards

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