Friday, January 14, 2011

Drums! Drums! Drums!

It's Friday. Strike up the drums and drive us to the weekend. Today a list of boom ba da boom to drive the cold winter away.

Susie Ibarra - Drum Sketches - Innova - 2007

I can still feel the beat from her show at the Ottawa Jazz Festival all those years ago. All her discs are worth giving a spin as is her work with the likes of Matthew Shipp and Wiliam Parker. On this disc she alternates between the drum kit, kulintang and surunay. Solo percussion of great beauty and texture.

Art Blakey - The African Beat - Blue Note - 1962

One of the all time greats. This may not be his best disc but it sure is fun to listen to. Thunderous booming drums, driving beats a soundstage that goes from wall to wall. African rhythms driven by American jazz. Crank it!

Louie Bellson - Skin Deep - Verve - 1955

he played like a fiend for 15 minutes and kept the audience thrilled or he can use brushes with the softest touch. and he was one of the first to play two bass drums at the same time. ohhh joy!!!!

and of course there are many others such as Buddy Rich and Joe Morello to explore

The Master Drummers of Burundi - The Master Drummers of Burundi - 1994- Arion

time to get up and dance. it must be something else to see this show live! or even better to play with them!!!

Olodum - Live at the Montreaux Jazz Festival - Continental - 1997

from South America to the world. let's take the streets and rip it up!

Clyde Stubblefield - The Funky Drummer (from James Brown single 1970 later released on the compilation "In The Jungle Groove"

Have a great weekend!

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